The Art of Fencing

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The Art of Fencing

Louis Senac - The Art of Fencing
American Sports Publishing Company | 1915 | ISBN: N/A | English | 121 pages | PDF | 11.35 MB

The antiquity of fencing
The rewards of fencing
Women and Fencing
How to fence
Holding the Foil
The Movements of "On guard "
Advance and retreat
The Underlying feature of attack, the thrust
The Lounge
The Recovery
Concerning the Gain
Lines of Engagement
Simple parries
The Counter parries
The value of Fingering
The Attack
Primary attacks
Secondary Attacks
False attacks
3 Essential requirements which every fencer must observe
The technique of primary attacks
Simple offense
The disengage
The counter disengage
The cut-over
Feint Attacks
The one-two
The one-two-three
The double
The force attacks
The beat
The press
The graze
The Bind
Secondary Attacks explained
The Riposte
Counter Ripostes
Attacking by means of a Decoy
The assault
Stabbing and the remise
The grand salute.
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